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Miami Dolphins (9-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (2-12)

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When: Noon, central time

Where: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri

SBN Affiliate: The Phinsider

Chiefs Blogs: Home of the Chiefs, Arrowhead Addict,, KC Chiefs Football, Red Zone, The Mothership and KC Chiefs Fanatic.

Coverage of the game leading up to now is here.

Injury reports are here.

Listen online here. Follow the stats and plays on

Find out what NFL games you get on television by clicking here.


Ho ho...Herm is telling his assistants to look for jobs? I think that's partly just being responsible with your professional career and partly Herm giving his staff the fear.

Remember...this may be the second to last game with Herm Edwards as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. That possibility is out there.

Don't let that thought occupy your mind much during the game. We have two live action games left for the Chiefs before the long off season starts and we really have to start making up stuff to talk about.

Take these last two games and relish the moments that only live football creates. We'll be adding links and inactives and other stuff below the fold up until game time.



31 Maurice Leggett
34 David Macklin
45 Michael Merritt
67 Barry Richardson
70 Alfonso Boone
71 Andrew Carnahan
80 Jeff Webb
92 Wallace Gilberry

9 John Beck is 3rd QB
14 Chris Hannon
52 Channing Crowder
61 Shawn Murphy
71 Lionel Dotson
74 Quentin Moses
75 Nate Garner
90 Rodrique Wright