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Where the Chiefs' Rookies Rank

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Two games to go for the Kansas City Chiefs. It's the Dolphins this weekend and then to Cincinnati to play the Bengals. I figured now is as good a time as any to get some perspective on how our rookies are performing relative to the rest of the NFL.

We all have heard the cliche about not being able to judge a draft until three years have passed. That caveat still applies so remember that in your replies.

Glenn Dorsey (Against rookie DTs and DEs)

  • T-1st in tackles (38)
  • 2nd in solo tackles (29)
  • 2nd in assisted tackles (9)

Brandon Flowers (Against all rookie CBs)

  • 6th in tackles (58)
  • 4th in solo tackles (52)
  • T-4th in INTs (2)

Brandon Carr (Against all rookie CBs)

  • 1st in tackles (66)
  • 1st in solo tackles (63)
  • T-4th in INTs (2)

Jamaal Charles (Against all rookie RBs)

  • 12th in rushing attempts (61)
  • 15th in rushing attempts per game (4.4)
  • 10th in rushing yards (333)
  • 0 rushing TDs this season so he's tied with a lot of people
  • 11th in rushing first downs (15)

Brad Cottam (7 catches), Dajuan Morgan (21 tackles T-40th), Will Franklin (7 catches) and the rest of our draft class hasn't made a significant impact in terms of NFL numbers.

It's tough to quantify Albert's impact relative to the rest of the NFL. Actually, I don't want to do the leg work to manually search for and compare offensive linemen stats. For some reason, I can't find a good comprehensive source for info like that.

Factoring in the throwaway picks in the later rounds, the Chiefs' draft is still looking about as well in December as it did in April.