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Potential Candidates - Welcome To The Best GM Opportunity In The NFL

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So you are a "shrewd evaluator of football talent",  a "strong leader, a good communicator" and someone "who has experience in building a winning NFL team" and want to be a General Manager in the NFL? 

By far the best opportunity for a talented young candidate in some time is right here in Kansas City.  Here is every candidates dream:

  • Long lasting franchise with a historical tradition founded by an NFL Hall of Fame owner.
  • Patient, dedicated ownership: Our last GM was here for 19 years.
  • Young team already started down the road of rebuilding with many good young players that have gotten a lot of playing experience.
  • Plenty of cap money available to manuever with.
  • Top 5 draft pick coming into next years draft.
  • Fanatically loyal fanbase that will embrace you with open arms purely for the fact that you are not Carl Peterson.
  • Non-meddling young owner looking to make his mark that is involved with the team behind the scenes but stays quiet publicly.
  • Built-in fan draw with the conclusion of remodeling of Arrowhead Stadium in 2010.

Cleveland Browns?  Please.  Detroit Lions?  Only if you want to be the guy the fans say "I wish Millen were still here" about.

Look no further than the Kansas City Chiefs for the best opportunity for years to come at a quality General Managing job.