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Herm Edwards and Others Knew Carl Peterson was Leaving

So fiendish by Clark Hunt. I love it.

Edwards was among an exclusive and guarded group of Chiefs employees who had known for months that Peterson would not be with the team beyond this season. Edwards said Peterson and chairman Clark Hunt had ongoing discussions about the manner in which Peterson would exit, and only a few of the highest-ranking team officials were in on the secret.

I read this and I realize that Clark Hunt has been a much stronger owner behind the scenes than any of us ever realized. Him and Herm are close it appears.

Edwards said he was continually informed about where Peterson’s future stood. The coach has said he speaks often with Hunt, so he was not astonished when Hunt met with Edwards on Monday and told him the decision had been made.

For a man described as disinterested in running the organization, Clark Hunt has come out with a bang. I feel like we've learned so much about the guy over the last two days that I'm even more excited moving forward now.