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Morning Update (Post-Game Edition)

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  • Arrowhead Addict: "I can’t do it this week. Of all the losses the Chiefs have this season, this one hurt the worst. They shoudn’t have lost this one, San Diego had no business winning that game. Screw 'giving credit' to the other team, they had no business winning that one."

  • Jason Whitlock: "That should be on Carl Peterson’s and Herm Edwards’ Kansas City tombstones. It took fewer than 2 minutes to indisputably unmask the folly of their rebuilding effort."

  • Joe Posnanski: Ready, aim — fire everybody.

  • Pat Clifton: "The most glaring lesson learned Sunday was that Herm Edwards' time management is definitely still a problem. This is not a new lesson learned, but rather a validation. Edwards blew his first two timeouts in the second half with over six minutes left to play, and did so on the same drive within 90 seconds of each timeout."

  • KC Chiefs Fanatic says the Chiefs played to lose yesterday against the Chargers.

  • Bob Gretz talks about Connor Barth: "The conditions were perfect," Barth said. "The offense got me down there. I had my chance and the wind was at my back. You couldn’t have asked for anything else. Unfortunately I didn’t put it through."

  • Don Banks: "Quite the non-crowd at the Chargers-Chiefs. Every time they showed a shot of the near-empty stands in Kansas City, it looked like Friends and Family day at Arrowhead Stadium.

    "Not that I don't understand. It was cold. And the Chargers and Chiefs owned a combined seven wins entering play."

  • Post game quotes: Herm Edwards, Tyler Thigpen and others.

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