More Positive than Negative

Honestly, why is everyone freaking out so much?

Sure, we lost. It was terrible. But it isn’t like we had anything at stake, and we only get better draft position out of the whole thing.

I really really really wanted to win today, obviously, just as all of you did. But that doesn’t mean we should go apeshit cause we lost.

This is a really young-ass team. That is obvious. We have lost an ungodly amount of games this season that were incredibly close. Next year, with a more veteran team, we should win plenty of these games.

Everyone just needs to settle down. Herm isn’t going anywhere, at least until after next season, so it does no good to cry for his head. And, honestly, I don’t see too much of a point in firing him. Sure, he isn’t the greatest tactician in the world. Off with his head! But he is really good for plenty of things, most notably getting young players together and to play hard each-and-every week. Wouldn’t you rather lose tight, close games after we collapse late than simply getting the shit beaten out of us? I know I would.

Maybe I’m just an optimist, a glass-half-full sorta guy. But there are plenty of positives to be taken away from this game, and I’d rather focus on that and have minor, simple things that we can fix later be the reason we lose (like catching an onsides kick or not playing prevent) than having us play like shit and getting blown out. Tyler Thigpen, bonehead-play-and-all, had another fine game, something we can build on. Our seconday played fabulous, until the prevent shenanigans at the end, and our D-Line played the best game we’ve played in weeks. Derrick Johnson looks to be adapting quite well to MLB, and Rocky Boiman looked good.

On offense, Will Franklin looked really solid, and the running game is getting better. In the second time we played against a team with our new, advanced spread-type offense we still looked really good using it, providing further proof that the offense is not gimmicky and is going to work long-term.

Focus on the positives, folks, not the negative. This team is a much better football team than the one that took the field up in New England to start the season, or even just 2-or-so-months ago against Tennessee. Much. Better. Be happy with that, don’t be bitching and whining because of losses.

Besides, better draft position!

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