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Morning Update (SEC Edition)

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Kent Babb: Leggett smiled when he discussed this one: He blocked an extra point in last year’s Division II national championship game, a play that prevented Northwest Missouri State from putting the score out of Valdosta’s reach. The Bearcats lost that game a year ago, and Leggett learned that people in Kansas City hadn’t forgotten.

Glenn Dorsey is still reppin' the SEC.  He picked the Gators over the Sooners.

Lazy reporter story.

Herm on fans that want to play for a draft pick: “Fans have a right to their opinion,” he said. “The fans make the game. They’re involved with their football team, and they have emotion. But players and coaches always want to win. That will be our intent the next few weeks.

The Falcons are content with Matt Ryan.  Steve Young on the young gun: “Even though it won’t be a bed of roses along the way, Matt Ryan already has shown me enough to say that he’ll be one of the all-time greats.”

Those Redskins sure do know how to market themselves.  From Bob Gretz: "At least, they don't make a farce out of the process which is something that Washington Redskins fans did with the help of the team.  They flooded the ballot box to the point that Redskins players were either No.1 or No.2 in the voting at just about every position.  Of the 19 spots on the ballot there were nine Redskins in first place, seven in second and four in third."

Bill Kuharich linked to the Lions' GM job.  No, really.