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Chargers Won't See the Same Starting Chiefs

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Week 10 @ SD Week 14 @ DEN
Offense Defense Offense Defense
WR 82 D.Bowe LDE 91 T.Hali * WR 82 D.Bowe LE 91 T.Hali
LT 76 B.Albert LT 93 T.Tyler * LT 76 B.Albert RT 72 G.Dorsey
LG 54 B.Waters RT 72 G.Dorsey * LG 54 B.Waters RE 94 J.Babin
C 64 R.Niswanger RDE 70 A.Boone * C 64 R.Niswanger MLB 56 D.Johnson
RG 73 A.Jones LOLB 59 D.Edwards * RG 74 W.Smith OLB 50 R.Boiman
RT 77 D.McIntosh MLB 55 P.Thomas * RT 77 D.McIntosh CB 31 M.Leggett
TE 88 T.Gonzalez ROLB 50 R.Boiman * TE 88 T.Gonzalez LCB 39 B.Carr
WR 83 M.Bradley LCB 39 B.Carr * TE 87 B.Cottam LT 93 T.Tyler
QB 4 T.Thigpen RCB 31 M.Leggett * WR 81 D.Darling RCB 24 B.Flowers
TE 87 B.Cottam SS 49 B.Pollard * QB 4 T.Thigpen FS 44 J.Page
RB 25 J.Charles FS 44 J.Page * RB 27 L.Johnson SS 49 B.Pollard

What a difference in only five weeks.

The Chiefs have been battling tons of injuries all season long and they seem to have slowed down a bit over the past few weeks. Even still, this weekend the Chiefs will likely field seven starters that did not start against the Chargers in Week 10. The starters who did play in Week 10 who may not play this weekend are bolded in the table above.

WR Mark Bradley is fighting a stingy calf injury that has kept him out the last two weeks and much of the game against the Buffalo Bills.

Center Rudy Niswanger again injured his knee in Week 13 and will likely be done for the year.

G Adrian Jones fully participated in practice yesterday after missing four games with a sprained ankle. He'll likely start actually, if Wade Smith moves to center to replace Rudy Niswanger.

RB Jamaal Charles started in place of the inactive Larry Johnson in Week 10. Larry will get the starting nod this week.

LBs Pat Thomas has missed the last four games and Donnie Edwards has missed the last three. Thomas participated fully in practice yesterday and Edwards was limited. Interestingly enough, the Chiefs only listed two linebackers in their starting line up last week.

DE Alfonso Boone has up to last weekend been starting for the Chiefs in the latter half of the season. He's a player who you never hear about anymore.

The Chargers will likely face seven or so new starters on the Chiefs' team that they didn't face in Week 10. That's one third of the starting lineup.

Advantages of having the new starters? Disadvantages? What new starter makes the most difference, good or bad?