Clark Hunt, Soccer Most Likely To Blame For Arrowhead Stadium Turf

After hearing a number of comments on the clearly crappy sod at Arrowhead Stadium, I started wondering why the Chiefs' general manager seemed so resistant to upgrading the field to artificial turf...which would seem to be a no-brainer considering the climate, the high usage of the field by events other than Chiefs games, and the minimal cost (comparatively speaking) for installing new turf.  Then the answer came to me.


Arrowhead Stadium is also the occasional home field of Major League Soccer's Kansas City Wizards.  Clark Hunt is heavily involved in the management of the MLS.  And the MLS is trying to gain respectability with the international community for the quality of their play.  In order for the MLS to demonstrate that they're able to perform at a comparable level with good clubs from other countries they need to perform in similar conditions and all of those other countries' best clubs play on grass, not artificial turf.  So, if the Kansas City Wizards want to show they're big time and not just a soccer backwater, they've got to be able to use Arrowhead Stadium every once in awhile for big matches...and that requires that Arrowhead Stadium have a grass surface (otherwise it won't be considered "real" soccer by aficionados).  And since Clark Hunt's interests are tied to the success of the MLS, I suspect that this is part of the reason that high-grade artificial turf was not a consideration in the renovation of Arrowhead. 

Not to mention that if the U.S. hosts another World Cup, and if Kansas City wants to get any of the qualifying matches, then Arrowhead Stadium will have to be the venue.  The Wizards' new stadium will have about a fourth of the seating capacity as Arrowhead and won't be a serious consideration because they can't sell enough tickets.  And that will likewise require a grass field at Arrowhead (FIFA will not consider a match in a Midwest city if they also have to play on artificial turf or in a small stadium...they'll go to someplace with a bigger population base that will offer a grass playing surface and a stadium that can seat more fans). 

Basically, for Kansas City to be a draw for soccer (which would appear to be a priority for Clark Hunt) Arrowhead Stadium has to have a grass surface.  And that means that regardless of how poorly suited grass is for the high-usage of Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs are stuck with a grass field.

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