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Things We Can Hopefully Agree Upon

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As the season winds down, we've been talking so much about what next year is going to look like. Between Thigpen, our defense and even our coaching staff, there is plenty of room for debate on how the Kansas City Chiefs should move forward in 2009.

We had these debates every day on Arrowhead Pride for months. Let me run through some of the topics I hope we can all agree on and then I'm going to pose a question for you at the end of it.

A lot of this will be repetitive to you so stick with me.

Top priority of the off season is getting a pass rusher

I'm really not sure how this can be up for debate. The defense has lost us at least three games in the 4th quarter. We will have the lowest sack total out of any defense in NFL history. Any quarterback with a minute amount of skill can pick apart a defense if he's given 6 or 7 seconds and that's exactly what's happened in a number of losses.

We cannot consistently win (or win at all) until the pass rush is addressed.

We need to draft a QB in the first two rounds of the '09 draft

You guys noticing shades of Adam Teicher so far?

As much as you may love Tyler Thigpen; as much as you may believe in him; as much as he's done for this offense, the Chiefs need to due their due diligence and get another top notch quarterback.

This has nothing to do with Tyler Thigpen. I repeat- This has nothing to do with Tyler Thigpen!

Even if Thigpen is the starter next year, we still need a capable backup quarterback. If this season has shown us anything, it's that career ending injuries are just around the corner.

Be smart Chiefs. Get a solid QB to either compete to start next year or backup Tyler Thigpen. Worst case scenario, we have two solid QBs on the roster.

Why wouldn't you want the best players at the most important position in the game of football?

Stick with the Pistol offense

Consistency is key here. Don't fix it if it isn't broken. The offensive scheme will determine what players we sign/draft and cannot be changed.

Don't forget about the offensive line

I'm a bit scared that people are overlooking what was one of the worst offensive lines ever last year. The drafting of Branden Albert went a long way towards solving the left tackle problem but it wasn't a "magic wand" for the whole line.

Frankly, get rid of everyone but Brian Waters and Branden Albert.


Question: If you had to pick one and only one priority for the Chiefs to address (either listed here or your own pick) this off season, what would it be?

I repeat: I don't want to rehash our previous debates. I want to know what you think is the #1, can't do without addressing this priority. What one move has to be made in order to move forward?

You can tell from above my answer is drafting/signing a premiere pass rusher. For simplicity's sake, let's leave coaching changes out of this.