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Morning Update (More ArrowheadSpread Edition)

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  • Here is an odd article about Carl Peterson "loving" natural grass so much it may cost Kansas City the Big 12 Championship. First, the field turf mentioned in the article is already installed in the practice field. Second, choose your battles wisely Chiefs fans. This one doesn't make any sense to fight.

  • You know, athletes really shouldn't be blogging. From D-Bowe's blog- "I am chillin' at da crib with my mini pins catching up on some computer business and wanted to send a shout out to all of you." That was one of the three sentences in the post.

  • C.E. Wendler: "If you ask me, the Chiefs' "Thigpenigma" should not prevent them from drafting another quarterback this offseason. The goal is to be great, not good."

  • Arrowhead Addict is talking about the '09 pool of free agent talent.

  • Here is Herm's press conferences from yesterday. pleaseblock is talking about it in the FanPosts.

  • Talking about Philip Rivers' passion. Intra-dvisional hate for the guy aside, would you want Philip Rivers as your QB today?

  • Charger fans are a bit worried about that whole Arrowhead in December stat. I wrote about losing the Arrowhead advantage in December here.

  • Ha! A movie review of "Leaf" from Bolts from the Blue.

  • We'll be talking about the Chargers more this week but for now, remember that they whomped the Raiders last week, 34 to 7.

On an unrelated note, and since it's the holidays, have you guys seen this Doghouse video that's making the rounds? I thought it was pretty good.