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Herm Edwards On The Kansas City Chiefs Victory

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On the play of Maurice Leggett who Chris has coined the '08 version of Tyron Brackenridge:

“You know, he had to start about three weeks ago, the rookie from Valdosta. We’ve started three rookies (at defensive corner). He went through some growing pains earlier but I thought that last week, although we didn’t win the football game, he played one of his better games. He’s a guy who’s kind of been growing through this whole process along with a lot of other young guys. When you dress 18 rookies on your football team and you play them as much as we play them, a lot of them are growing up. Some of them grew up today.”

On the turnovers:

We were fortunate; turnovers were a key again, for them as well as us. That was the key to the game. They turned one over and we scored and we turned one over and they scored.

(Wait, wouldn't that just mean the turnovers canceled each other out diminishing their importance?)

When he felt victory was theirs:

“When Bowe made the catch. That was a heck of a catch. The guy had him covered pretty good and it was high throw. If we got one more first down we would probably be in good shape. We sure did when Larry went around the corner and made the first down and you know at that point they have no more time outs that you can feel pretty good, unless you fumble it.”

At least we can agree on one thing:

“If I was a rookie quarterback I’d look for him too. You’ve got a hall of fame tight end and I’d try to find him. That’s the MO and any smart quarterback would try to do that. Look for that guy because most of the time he catches it."

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