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Morning Update (Raider Shank Edition)

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  • Gotta love headlines like this- Broncos might not be fixable. Don't forget that the Broncos play the Browns tonight.

  • Great point from Jonathan Rand at the mothership- "Without a strong pass rush, there’s no place for a cornerback to hide."

  • Arrowhead Addict has a mid-season review posted.

  • Michael Ash at WPI talks about the issues surrounding the Chiefs after last week's game.

  • This headline actually made me feel bad for Lion fans.

  • Jared Allen could be out 2 to 4 weeks with a severe shoulder sprain.

  • Christian Okoye is not impressed with the offensive wrinkles he's seen this year.

  • I hate reading stuff like this about KC's sports woes- "But what about Kansas City, where fans have faithfully supported the Chiefs despite no playoff wins since 1993 and just a single Super Bowl win almost 39 years ago? The Royals, meanwhile, last won a World Series in 1985 and have had just one winning season in the last 15 years. Efforts by the city to lure an NHL or NBA franchise with a new downtown arena have flopped. "

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