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Herm Edwards Media Session Highlights

Highlights from Herm Edwards media session on Wednesday.

On signing veteran corners:

"Yeah to go in and play. Right now, yeah. It’s hard to get another young guy to go in and play because they don’t know the system. (CB David) Macklin’s been in the system. He was with (Colts head coach) Tony (Dungy) in Indianapolis. He could go play nickel, he could play corner, he’s lined up. He could help us there and he’s going to be up this week."

On putting Sunday's loss behind them (Warning: Hermism overload):

"Yeah. They’re pretty resilient. They’re disappointed. They’re excited about the opportunity again this week, young guys generally are that way. They came out today and practiced good and practiced fast. They had fun practicing. That’s what’s great about them, they’re just trying to get better and trying to find a way together."

It looks like no one wants to win the AFC West this year:

"You wouldn’t think of that early, when everyone was predicting the division. You’d probably think San Diego would have more wins right now, maybe Denver. I would have felt we would have had a few more too. It’s still tight, anything can happen with eight weeks left. Somebody’s got to get hot, Denver plays Thursday against Cleveland so we’ll see what happens there. If you can win two or three games in a row, all of sudden you probably feel pretty good about yourself in the division."

On Larry Johnson's availability this weekend:

"It’s kind of like last year, in the preseason when he was out, we kind of brought him along slow. We’ve got to bring him back. He’s missed month of playing football. We’ve changed a little bit too, on how we play, so that’s all involved in it too. But yeah, he’s working out, he’s preparing himself to get ready to play and that’s kind of important."

On Barack Obama's victory Tuesday night:

"I woke my daughters up last night. They know who Barack Obama is. It’s about 10 o’clock and we were watching television and they were clapping. I said, ‘he’s the President.’ I wanted them to know that our country is great. You can accomplish anything if you’re just given the opportunity. When they have children, they’ll be able to say ‘I saw that happen, I didn’t read it in a history book.’ So to me, that was important, and I think it’s important for America, how great this country is and what we’re all about."

Other notes:

  • Brandon Flowers is likely to play this weekend
  • Kevin Robinson could get a shot at returning punts 
  • Derrick Johnson is out with a hamstring injury
  • Michael Merritt likely won't play this week but hopefully we'll see him sometime this season