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Morning Update (Here Comes The President Edition)


I'm looking to buy this.  Like or dislike?


  • Herm on the running backs: "We’re kind of looking at a guy or two, maybe to put on the practice squad."
  • For those of you that said Quinn Gray couldn't step in and start right away because he didn't know the system: Culpepper possibly to start Sunday for Lions.
  • Very nice - the TV ratings are starting to rise after hitting a 7 year low against  Tennessee.
  • Bob Gretz with an excellent rundown on the importance of stability at the quarterback position.
  • Adam over at AA picks his mid-season MVP: Dwayne Bowe
  • Stop, stop, stop! Jeffrey Flanagan says we are a couple plays away from talking playoffs.  We've fallen into that trap once.  Let's not do it again.
  • Our turnover margin is not indicative of our won/loss record.
  • A starting quarterback goes down and the backup outperforms him.  We know how that feels (but our starting quarterback didn't have a $100 million contract).