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Morning Update (Election Day Edition)



I have a confession- I would rather watch election returns than the Super Bowl. Yeah, I said it. This presidential stuff only comes around every four years. All media coverage today will be election related so make sure you check out AP throughout the day to escape. More on the Chiefs offensive explosion in a bit...

  • Quick injury notes- The Chiefs might have CB Brandon Flowers (hamstring) and P Dustin Colquitt (groin) but LB Derrick Johnson (hamstring) and CB Pat Surtain (quad) are less likely to play.

  • Rick Dean of the Topeka-Capital Journal talks about Tyler Thigpen starting again for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2009.

  • The joys of rebuilding- Rookie CB Brandon Carr was the most experienced secondary player at one point last weekend.

  • For some reason, I like this mentality from WR Mark Bradley about his TD pass to Thigpen- "Actually, I didn’t think about nothing. I just went back and threw it. It just happened to drop in his arms."

  • Jon at MVN says don't blame Chan Gailey for Sunday's loss.

  • One more from MVN- Am I Talking Myself Into Tyler Thigpen?

  • A mock draft? Why not?

  • Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn will start this Thursday. Read more at Dawgs by Nature.

  • Geez...I know it's played out to criticize the traditional sports media but they can't see enough improvement in this team to write about it?

  • Rams WR Dante Hall will be put on injured reserve after suffering a high-ankle sprain.

  • It's election day! Check out RCS' 10 most un-athletic presidents.