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The Abysmal AFC West

AFC West Standings

Denver 4 4 0 190 221
San Diego 3 5 0 224 199
Oakland 2 6 0 107 201
Kansas City 1 7 0 126 223

(updated 11.2.2008 at 10:11 PM CST)

The crazy, insane, almost can't believe it fact of the Kansas City Chiefs 2008 season is that you can make the argument, right now at least, that the Chiefs are only a couple plays away from being 2nd place in the division. With a .500 team at the division helm, first place is even closer.

No, the Chiefs aren't going to win the AFC West. But they may not come in last or even second to last place when the season is over. I suppose its best to be terrible when everyone else is terrible too.

It's Charger week so we'll be looking at San Diego as the week wears on.