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Chiefs Hold The Advantage Over The Raiders


Drafting JaMarcus Russell makes the Chiefs pass defense an immediate advantage against the Raiders.


When the Chiefs pass the ball:

  • KC Passing Offense: 192.7 YPG (23rd in the NFL)
  • OAK Passing Defense: 195.5 YPG (10th)

The Chiefs should increase break 200 yards.  Nmandi Asomugha plays corner for the Raiders and Mike Shanahan called him the most under-rated player in the NFL.  He's an excellent player and will likely cut the field in half.  Look for Bradley or Gonzalez to have better days than Bowe.

When the Chiefs run the ball:

  • KC Rushing Offense: 115.4 YPG (12th)
  • OAK Rushing Defense: 160 YPG (29th)

Statistically this looks like an excellent match up for the Chiefs but we just don't know which rushing attack is going to show up. I imagine we will be able to put up some points with our "new" offense and being able to run the ball will decide this game for us.

When the Raiders pass the ball:

  • OAK Passing Offense: 160.4 YPG (32nd)
  • KC Passing Defense 240.4 YPG (27th)

JaMarcus Russell has never demonstrated an ability to lead an NFL offense until last week when he completed 10/11 passes.  He looked sharp then and if he's going to do it again why not against the 27th ranked pass defense?  Answer: Because it's easier to run the ball against us.

When the Raiders run the ball:

  • OAK Rushing Offense: 122.5 YPG (10th)
  • KC Rushing Defense: 165.9 YPG (31st - we're not last!)

This is where the game will likely be decided.  JaMarcus Russell probably doesn't have the ability to beat us himself.  He'll need some help and help should should come on the ground where the Raiders smoked us for 300 yards earlier in the year.