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Morning Update (Really, Raider Fans? Edition)



Stuck at work today...

  • Former Chiefs Lawrence Tynes is apparently using his name to get a presidential pardon for his brother who was sentenced to 27 years following charges of trafficking marijuana.
  • Captain Obvious headline from the Star: "Injuries Leave Question Marks On Defense"
  • The Raiders handily beat the Broncos last week and look to build on that to run all over the Chiefs.
  • Herm on stressing the importance of divisional games: "When you have a young team, sometimes they lose track of that," Edwards said. "But they have to understand that they are always going to play the teams in your division a bunch. So, they have to understand that, and that's kind of important."
  • The Raiders are worried about Thigpen's mobility.
  • An interesting account of a couple of Buffaloans (Bonus points to anyone who knows the correct term for the plural of a resident of Buffalo) who traveled to Kansas City for the game last week.  Just like everyone else, they loved Jack Stack Barbecue.
  • It's kind of fun to fact check the Chiefs-Raiders Rivalry page on Wikipedia.

Anyone else stuck at work today?  I've decided to get my employer back by blogging all day instead of working so stick around with us for the rest of this lazy Friday.