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Will The Raiders Rush All Over The Chiefs...Again?

Remember the lowest of all the lows this season?  Looking at the box score following the Raiders 23-8 romping of the Chiefs back in September and seeing 300 rushing yards made me sick.  Justin Fargas went down so Michael Bush stepped in and put 90 on the ground.  (If I don't mention the fact that Darren McFadden had 164 yards against us then it's like it didn't really happen.)

Let's take a look at the Raiders rushing attack thus far:

Rushing Offense


Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Up the Middle Right Guard Right Tackle Right End
Plays: 39 Plays: 59 Plays: 27 Plays: 63 Plays: 29 Plays: 53 Plays: 41
NFL Rank: 12 NFL Rank: 5 NFL Rank: 19 NFL Rank: 26 NFL Rank: 14 NFL Rank: 3 NFL Rank: 6
Avg Gain: 6.69 Avg Gain: 3.95 Avg Gain: 3.04 Avg Gain: 4.63 Avg Gain: 2.52 Avg Gain: 4.15 Avg Gain: 3.71
NFL Rank: 6 NFL Rank: 16 NFL Rank: 29 NFL Rank: 8 NFL Rank: 29 NFL Rank: 18 NFL Rank: 26
I want to think that we've evolved since that crushing defeat and we won't let 300 rushing yards happen again. But that would be looking through rose colored glasses. We aren't better. We've given no indication we are or will be better. Will the Raiders go over 200 yards on the ground against the Chiefs this week?