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Thanksgiving Day Update (Brown Bag Chiefs Edition)



  • Herm on Jamaal Charles' perceived fumbling issue: " "He had a little problem in college with that, too, but he got it taken care of. He’s had a couple here. He bobbled one (vs. Buffalo) and he wasn’t having a good day with the ball in his hand. He had a touchdown pass that was nice but a kickoff was bobbled. He’s the type of guy who is always trying to make a play when he gets the ball in his hand. He has to realize the speed of this game in that when you start spinning in a crowd they come and get the ball. That’s what they did and what happened to him."
  • MU and KU will play at Arrowhead for the next four years says Carl Peterson.  Sweet....finally a move we can agree on!
  • Adam Teicher talking ball control.
  • Kent Babb asks the question: Is Glenn Dorsey a bust?  (Includes a Warren Sapp comparison.)
  • Herm Edwards says Dustin Colquitt is "fighting through" a nagging groin injury.
  • Arrowhead Addict.  A brown paper bag.  And a Vlog. 
  • Bigknoxy over at KC Chiefs Football asks "Are you immune to Chiefs losses?"  I'll fess up.  I'm definitely immune to the losses now.  I'm ready for that big turn around.
  • A reminder to check out Silver and Black Pride.  Saint is thankful he's in Raider Nation (Ed. Note: Throws up in mouth.).  They're also laughing at the KC Star's prediction of a Chiefs victory. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Does anyone know what the world record is for pounds of turkey eaten?  I'm thinking I might challenge it today.  How many pounds of turkey do you plan on eating?