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Talking about Herm with San Diego State Fans

via Gatorade

Because of the stir caused by this article from Warpaint Illustrated, I decided to go check out some San Diego State message boards to see what their reaction is to the pretty wild speculation IMO about Herm Edwards possibly coaching at San Diego State next season. SDSU is Herm's alma mater and they recently fired their head football coach.

You guys are going to get a kick out this. Not because they're "wrong" so much as you have to look at it from the perspective of a mid level school getting an NFL coach to come to their team. Then, it's pretty damn funny.

From, which I'm going to assume is the most visited SDSU sports site.

I'd be happy with Bowden, but Herm is THE SAVIOR. He is meant for the college game and meant for SDSU.
And in response to that humdinger from adfrank:
TOTALLY AGREE! My #1 pick.

Oh there's more.

to be honest, I'm astounded he's not the #1 pick for more people on here... Intense, disciplined, could walk into ANY living room ANYWHERE and command an ear of any recruit and family. Dude would bring instant energy to the community and would bust some asses around here. I doubt we would hear the word "soft" when talking about our team ANYMORE.
And one more:
I've never heard of an NFL head coach going from the pros to the non bcs. I don't think it's ever happened nor will it.

Kid probably nailed it with that last one although Herm is a bit of an odd duck. I could see him coaching at SDSU sometime in the distant future and really loving it. He's seems to be the type of guy who has a pretty good perspective on life.

I registered for this site but I need approval before I can post. I'm going to invite the SDSU fans over here to discuss Herm. I think it would be very interesting exercise.

One more thing...

Q: Your alma mater, San Diego State, has a head coaching opening and your name pops up. Do you have any comment?

Edwards: "I’ve got a college team right now and I’m coaching it."

Well put.