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Chiefs Hovering Around Lots of All-Time Worsts

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Last weekend wasn't the only set of worsts for the Kansas City Chiefs. The 2008 season has the potential, even if it doesn't break records, to go down as the worst season of all-time for the Chiefs. Here are some franchise records the team is currently hovering around and some NFL ones. I've only included sixteen game seasons in these records and eliminated strike years when applicable.

Fewest number of points in a season

Record: 238 (1979)

Current: 196 points

With six games left and the Chiefs needing to average a touchdown or more to beat this record, I'm confident they will not end 2008 scoring the fewest points by the franchise in a 16 game season. It may be close but our up and coming offense should handily get past this one.

Most consecutive road games lost in a season

Record: 8 games (1978-79 and 1985-6)

Current: 5 games

At Oakland? At Denver? At Cincy? It's a 50/50 shot, maybe more, for the Kansas City Chiefs to tie this record and go 0 for 8 on the road this season. Would not surprise me one bit to have this happen.

Fewest rushing attempts in a season

Record: 383 (2000)

Current: 257

The Chiefs need to average just over 20 rushing attempts a game to beat out this record. While not a pock of a record like fewest points or anything, a record this year would speak to our new spread offense, our inability to run the ball anyway and the fact that the team is constantly passing to play catch up. Not a good, balanced stat to have.

Most rushing touchdowns given up in a season (NFL record)

Record: 31 (1980, 1986, although 36 is the top record by Oakland in 1960)

Current: 19

The Chiefs would need to give up an average of two rushing touchdowns a game and looking at the rushers we'll be coming up against, I don't see the Chiefs approaching this record. Sad to say, it's still not completely out of the realm of possibility though.

Most yards allowed in a season (NFL record)

Record: 6,793 (1981)

Current: 4,469

The Chiefs need to average just under 400 yards a game to attain this just terrible record. We currently average giving up 406 yards a game and if you can see how this is going to improve, you're a better person than I.

Fewest sacks in a season (NFL record)

Record: 11 sacks (1982)

Current: 6 sacks

Yep, this is the one everyone is talking about and I'm almost sure 2008 will end with the Chiefs having the fewest sacks in a season.

Most rushing yards in a season (NFL record)

Record: 3,228 (1978)

Current: 1,825

This record is unlikely to be attained by the Chiefs but people would wonder about it if I didn't put it up here. The Chiefs need to give up over 200 yards a game rushing for the rest of the season to surpass the 1981 Baltimore team. This won't happen but doesn't forgive how terrible our run defense has been this year.

Check the all-time records here, the Chiefs current stats here and let us know what else you come up with.