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Kansas City Chiefs, Struggling Economy Contribute to Increased Bulk Liquor Sales



Chiefs lose, 54 to 31.

Yes, that's right. The Buffalo Bills scored not only the most points by an opponent at Arrowhead Stadium but the most points against the Chiefs ever.

(Sigh) Let's quickly note what went wrong. Again.

  • QB pressure? A sack? Anyone?

  • 5 turnovers? No matter how good the Chiefs were if this happens, we should lose.

  • 9 rushing attempts by your running backs isn't a winning stat. I know the Chiefs' were forced early on to pass to catch up and it only added to the slaughter.

  • If we can't compete against the Bills in this situation, who can we compete with? Nobody, that is the answer. A completely broken defensive line is a back breaker for any team.

  • I know there have been a lot of defensive injuries this year but Gunther Cunningham's entire career in Kansas City needs to be analyzed and scrutinized by Clark Hunt this off-season. To me, the numbers don't add up to Cunningham keeping his job.

The lows keep getting lower in Kansas City.