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Marshawn Lynch Will Likely Enjoy the Ambiance against the Chiefs


Rushing Receiving
G Rush Yds Y/G Avg Lng TD Rec Yds Y/G Avg Lng TD
2008 - Marshawn Lynch 8 132 466 58.2 3.5 22 6 27 199 24.9 7.4 42 0

One player we haven't mentioned this week is Bills RB Marshawn Lynch, the second-year player from Cal. Lynch will face the Chiefs' 31st ranked defense (Did you hear that? We're not last anymore!) after rushing for 119 yards and catching 10 passes for 58 yards last week against the Browns. A solid day if I do say so myself.

That was the first 100-yard rushing day for Lynch this year and only the fourth of his career. He rushed the ball 23 times last week, after combining for 23 rushes the two weeks previous to that. When you check out the Bills stats this season, Weeks 9 and 10 exhibit terrible stats almost across the board. Lynch's stats and touches appear to be suffering right along with the rest of the Bills during their four game losing streak.

Why should the Chiefs expect a larger than regular dose of Marshawn Lynch on Sunday?

Well, for one, we're terrible against the run and everyone knows it. In fact, Gunther Cunningham is gloating at this moment, to anyone who will listen, about how in Weeks 9 and 10 the Chiefs didn't give up 100 yards on the ground. They're the only bright spots in the entire season for our run defense.

Also, we added Turk McBride, another starter, to the injured reserve list this week. Little known fact: Gunther Cunningham doubles as a triage nurse on game days, deciding which players are injured the worst.

The sad part about this weekend's defensive play is that even if we shut out the Bills, you still can't point to the game and say, "See? We're getting better." Because we're not. This defensive line is completely broken and I'm of the opinion that Glenn Dorsey may be the only one we should keep around after next year, based on potential alone.

I'm almost wishing for Marshawn Lynch to run over our defense, just so there's more evidence for its dismantling.


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