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Herm Edwards' Thursday Press Conference

Primetime: "Nice, two throw away posts in a row." Yeah, yeah. Thanks for the sarcasm Primetime. I'm finally coming out of a hectic month at work and will be able to settle in before and after to write good stuff without having my mind obsess over what's happening at the office. Keep up the amazing job you guys do in the FanPost and FanShots.

Here's what little bit Herm had to say today about this weekend's game.

On Bills QB Trent Edwards...

They’ve got the perfect coach: Coach Jauron. I know Dick and he’s very patient and he understands that when you start a young quarterback like that there are going to be some growing pains. (Edwards) won five games for them out of the gate. He was hot and now he’s struggling a bit. We’ll find out more about him in how he reacts in the next six (games). But when you start young guys they have a tendency to have some games you wish they wouldn’t have. But that’s part of it.

On the Bills recent woes...

Those things, but they’re still in every game for the most part, kind of like us. In the fourth quarter they don’t make a play or two to find a way to seal it. Before that they were making those plays and weren’t turning the ball over as much.

Quick notes

  • Tamba Hali will play this week
  • Tony Gonzalez is "moving around pretty good."
  • Did not practice today: Donnie Edwards and Adrian Jones
  • Limited: Jarrad Page, Pat Surtain, Pat Thomas and Mark Bradley
  • Full participation: Tony Gonzalez, Derrick Johnson, Brandon Flowers and Tamba Hali