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Kansas City Chiefs Improving Despite Loss

I have to admit that I've never been very high on Tyler Thigpen.  I have always seen him as a guy with a different skill set, but not really one that you would want out of your starting QB.  It's still too early to tell if I'm wrong about that, but one thing that I have to admit..

This is a completely different team with Tyler Thigpen leading them.

Maybe it's just going into each game knowing who your QB is.  Maybe Thigpen has that most important ability of all, the ability to inspire his teammates.  Maybe he's just a fluke that just happens to be hot right now but will start playing badly again next week.  Who knows?  But FINALLY we are getting to see some of the potential of these young players show itself.

This is not a game where you can point to one thing and say "This is why we lost the game", but rather it required a series of events to take the Chiefs from being ahead 24-3 to losing 30-27.

* ~3:00 left in 2nd Quarter - Tony Gonzalez with a rare dropped TD pass.  He was well defended and its not really the kind of thing that you say he SHOULD have caught, but Tony has made so many great catches just like that in his career.  Instead they had to settle for a Field Goal.

* On the ensuing kickoff, the Bucs returner takes the kickoff all the way for a TD.

* 1:30 left in 2nd quarter - Chiefs are driving and on 3rd down D-Bowe drops a pass that hits him in the hands.  Would have been a 1st down.  Chiefs punt.

*  0:46 left in 2nd quarter - Chiefs defense stops Buccaneers on 3rd and 15.  Turk McBride late hits Garcia allowing Bucs to continue on and eventually get a FG before the half.

This series of events was a major swing in the momentum of the game.  Had Tony G made the TD catch, the Chiefs would have been up 28-3 at the half leading by 25.  Instead, it was 24-13 only leading by 11.

* Jamaal Charles fumbles on the Bucs 3 yd line quickly followed by a Tampa Bay TD.  Chiefs 24- Bucs 19.

* 7:42 left in 4th quarter - Chiefs have ball at Bucs 5 yd line, 3rd and 1.  They attempt a screen pass to Charles that is busted by the Bucs defense and Thigpen has to throw it away.  Chiefs settle for a FG.  Chiefs 27-Bucs 19.

* 2:29 left in 4th quarter - Tony Gonzalez makes a fantastic 20 yd reception on 3rd down that would have in essence ended the game.  Unfortunately he was called for a horrible Offensive Pass Interference penalty.  The Chiefs are forced to punt.

* 0:25 left in 4th quarter - Leggett gets caught watching the QB and blows coverage for pass to TD.  Bucs tie game with 2 point conversion.

* Lost coin toss in OT.

* Two of our better defensive players, DJ and Flowers out nearly the entire second half.

It took all of these things to lead to the Chiefs downfall in this game.  They played very well overall, but this series of young player mistakes and unfortunate calls aligned to steal their hard earned victory.

Chiefs forced 4 turnovers and only gave up 1.

* Chiefs are 1st team this year to get a rushing TD against Tampa Bay.  They are also the first team to have a 100 yd rusher (Charles) this year.  Chiefs had 183 total rushing yds.  5.08 yds/carry

* Chiefs offensive line only allowed 1 sack (which was really only a 1 yd loss as Thigpen nearly made it back to line of scrimmage).

* Chiefs defense only allowed 81 yards rushing.  3.24 yds/carry

* Chiefs had 21 1st downs.  9 Rushing, 9 Passing, 3 Penalties

* Chiefs offense only had ONE 3 and out.

* Having the same QB for two games straight, Gailey was able to open things up.

* Mark Bradley solidifying himself as the #2 WR with 4 catches for 65 yds and the 37 yd TD pass to Thigpen.  He looks to be the deep threat we've been looking for with a legitimate long bomb 56 yd reception.

* Jamaal Charles gets 106 yds rushing.  5.8 yds/carry.