Roster Additions from the Mothership

Just in case nobody else noticed, we added 3 players to the 53 man roster and 1 to the practice squad:

Andy Studebaker -- DE (this one we knew about)

Curtis Gatewood -- Linebacker (from the Redskins practice squad)

Jackie Battle -- RB (Moves back up to the 53 man roster)

Antwon Burton -- DT (Some player they want to take a look at. He spent the last 2 years with the Broncos)


Here are the links:


At this point, they seem to be 3 men over the limit on the roster, which probably means that they have not announced some moves to injured reserve. My guess: Turk McBride, Donnie Edwards, and Ricardo Colclough gets cut. But again, they have not been announce, so that is pure speculation.

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