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Morning Update (Ownerless Edition)

This short news story will get you started this morning on a good note.

  • Quiz question for the day: Name two Heisman Trophy winners who were Kansas City Chiefs for any period of time.

  • Jared Allen (the guy who left town with the Chiefs pass rush) is back in the Commissioner's office.

  • Is it Chan Gailey or Tyler Thigpen who's responsible for the recent offensive success?

  • DT Jimmy Wilkerson went from a team that has six sacks the entire season to a team that just got five sacks in one game.

  • DE Turk McBride has a few broken bones in his forearm. He's again a possible IR candidate.

  • Clark Hunt will not be at the Chiefs game on Sunday. Instead, he'll attend the MLS Championship, which a team he owns is in.

    The crazy fan response to this is "Goes to show how much Clark Hunt cares about the Chiefs" and the rational response is that he's a freakin' billionaire with a million other obligations in addition to the Chiefs. It's amazing these wealthy owners (especially Hunt who is so young and likely more physically active in business than an older owner) have the time to go to any NFL games. Plus, there's this thing called television which allows him to view the game remotely.

  • Talking about TV blackouts each week really just amounts to rather boring speculation on a topic that is played out every week. It's pretty much impossible to predict a blackout and we all know these games aren't true sellouts anyway.

  • Former Chiefs WR Marc Boerigter hasn't gone too far from KC. He sells advertising in KC in the CFL off-season.

  • Buffalo Rumblings reviews the last five meetings between the Bills and Chiefs. Derrick Alexander...there's a blast from the past.

  • Kansas City and Detroit are the only two NFL teams who are giving up an average of over 400 yards of offense a game. Four. Hundred. Yards. I went back to 2000 and couldn't find a team that ended the season giving up 400 yards a game.