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Morning Update (Quiet Arrowhead Edition)

Maybe it's just the video quality but Arrowhead sounds pathetic in this clip from last weekend.

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Buffalo Bills this week. Make sure you check out Buffalo Rumblings for more information. They have a very active community over there so our FanPost exchange should be great.

  • Bills lose to the Browns last night: "The Bills, once 5-1 on the season, now find themselves 5-5, losers of their last four games, and dead least in the AFC East - a division they led just a month ago."

    Chiefs fans laugh at your measly five four game losing streak.

  • If I were Damon Huard and a reporter asked me about how much the Chiefs have been losing, I would point to my Super Bowl rings and walk off without saying anything.

  • Injury updates: Likely to play- Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Brandon Flowers and Pat Surtain. Not sure yet- Turk McBride, Donnie Edwards, Dustin Colquitt, Adrian Jones and Pat Thomas.

  • For some of you, this link will keep you sane at work for at least a few months. H/T Chiefs Planet.

  • 8 minute clip on Christian Okoye's career. Obligatory Pirate Master mention.

  • Yes, that was a curious ending to the Steelers/Chargers game last weekend.

  • Say what you will about Brady Quinn's ability but he does have one more win than Brodie Croyle or Tyler Thigpen.

  • Excellent post from Upon Further Review about the Chiefs losing streak and it's place in history. Don't click the link if you want hope for the future of the franchise. It's there if you want to look for it.

  • In the midst of all of this losing, this statement is a ray of hope- "It would be safe to say that Thigpen is past being a spot start or matchup play in fantasy. With the weapons that Thigpen has in wide receivers Dwayne Bowe, the emergence of Mark Bradley, all-pro tight end Tony Gonzalez, and running back Larry Johnson, Thigpen is nearing must-start status."

    I know it's fantasy football respect but we gotta take it where we can get it.