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Chiefs Still Can't Put All of the Pieces Together



Stats are here.

The Kansas City Chiefs played a solid game on offense. But they couldn't convert field goals to touchdowns near the goal line.

The defense, somehow, kept the Chiefs in the mix for most of the game but gave up a huge field goal with three and a half minutes left to put the Saints up two scores. The game was essentially over at that point.

That's four weeks in a row of much improved play from Kansas City. But no wins.

Here are a few reasons why we're being held back:

  • Complete lack of a pass rush
  • Special teams plays no part in aiding our offense and often sets up our opponents for short scores
  • Inability to force our will on an opponent via the running game
  • Back breaking plays, like Drew Brees' 47-yard pass to Lance Moore in the 3rd quarter and Mark Bradley's drop on 3rd down.
  • No easy answers here fans. We're still a long way from competing at a high level.