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Reflecting on Tyler Thigpen Week

I was thinking yesterday that Tyler Thigpen is great as a Kansas City Chiefs quarterback because he's already spent time on the IR during his career in KC. Seems appropriate, doesn't it?

After a season and half of neglected media coverage by pretty much every national media outlet in the business, the Chiefs are popular again.

Well, one guy is.

Tyler Beckham Thigpen was literally the most talked about NFL football player this past week. After three solid games in a row, the desire for Thigpen coverage hit critical mass on Monday.

The ESPN fantasy football gurus are obsessed with him.

Bucky Brooks at says Thigpen is the Chiefs' franchise QB.

And you have to believe that Tyler Thigpen is a big reason why Jason Whitlock is actually supporting the team now.

It all seems ridiculous, doesn't it? Was it a slow NFL news week or something?

Question: What if Thigpen throws three interceptions? What if we get the Week 3 player instead of the Week 10 player?

I suspect that Thigpen's popularity is a lot more unstable than most fans would like to think. While I'm a fan of #4, three games is an extremely small sample to judge, well, anything really. Tomorrow is a big, big test for Tyler Thigpen. He should be able to capitalize on an injured Saints secondary. If he doesn't, then the Chiefs take another step closer to the drawing board to figure out how to fix this offense. What sucks for Thigpen is that he is under the national microscope now. He has to keep playing consistently or he's going to get destroyed by the media.

Each and every week is getting more and more fun to anticipate what's going to happen with the Chiefs. Let's keep moderate expectations so we don't crash when the Chiefs remind us why they're 1-8.

Don't forget about the open thread tomorrow. I'll post it around 11 AM.