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Morning Update (Injuries Everywhere Edition)



  • Wednesday's injury report is here.

  • If you want to review all of the recent roster moves on the Kansas City Chiefs, check out the still aren't sure if Reggie Bush will play this weekend. Here's what Saints coach Sean Payton said- "We’ll see. I thought he handled the snaps he had today pretty well. It’s really just a work in progress to see how his knee responds after today’s work and see how it goes tomorrow. But he got a fair amount of reps. He wore a brace today and we’ll see how it responds tomorrow."

  • Nick Athan of WPI revisits the top ten of April's draft. I did a similar post a couple of weeks ago.

  • Former Chief and now Buc Michael Bennett is a San Diego Charger this morning. Bolts from the Blue has more.

  • Larry Johnson was back at practice yesterday- LJ had the running-back room kind of hyped up during the meetings with his jokes," rookie running back Dantrell Savage said.

  • Gretz is one of the many people giving Tyler Thigpen extremely high marks- "But he was far more than just a game manager, far more than a guy just holding the spot. The kid from Carolina exhibited skills that every NFL quarterback must have to be successful."

  • Good read on the Saints battered secondary.

  • A Canadian columnist traveled to Arrowhead for the tailgating a couple of weeks ago- "The scene outside of Arrowhead before a Chiefs game is like nothing I've ever seen. The sprawling parking lot is packed at 9 a.m. with tailgaters setting up tents, chairs, barbecues, coolers -- they're essentially moving their backyard patios for a day. They fly flags, blast music, watch TV, and cook everything from prime rib to sweet potato hash."

  • Eh. I don't think the Chiefs are nearing a blackout any time soon. Remember when I said that talking about a blackout was the lazy Wednesday story to talk about?

  • Over the Top > Upon Further Review.

What are your thoughts about how the Chiefs match up with the Saints' West Coast offense? Can our linebackers handle it? I'm getting worried about their ability to stop the Saint's offense.