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A Quick Look at the Saints' Offense

When the Saints pass

Passing Offense

Short Left Short Middle Short Right Deep Left Deep Middle Deep Right
Plays: 86 Plays: 74 Plays: 125 Plays: 28 Plays: 29 Plays: 18
NFL Rank: 12 NFL Rank: 5 NFL Rank: 1 NFL Rank: 2 NFL Rank: 1 NFL Rank: 16
Avg Gain: 6.29 Avg Gain: 6.34 Avg Gain: 4.81 Avg Gain: 23.18 Avg Gain: 14.79 Avg Gain: 17.00
NFL Rank: 14 NFL Rank: 21 NFL Rank: 22 NFL Rank: 1 NFL Rank: 14 NFL Rank: 3

The Saints #1 offense is led by their #1 passing attack, which averages 325 yards per game. Drew Brees completes 66% of his passes in this efficient offense and in direct contrast to the Chiefs' passing game, ten Saints have double digit catches this year.

Brees is actually on pace to surpass Dan Marino's season passing record of 5,084 yards. The Saints run a pretty standard "West Coast" style offense, substituting short passes for a good percentage of the running attack.

Without fail, New Orleans will pass often and test the injured Chiefs' defense. Speaking of injuries, Saints RB Reggie Bush is eying this weekend for his return to the NFL after missing time for knee surgery. If Bush does indeed play, expect him to add to his 42 catches on the season and test the Chiefs weary linebackers in the flats.

When the Saints run

Like I mentioned above, the Saints employ a West Coast style of offense which substitutes short passes for a good portion of the running game. Despite that philosophy, the Saints still run 20+ rushing plays a game and average almost 100 yards a game doing it. Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister will make up the bulk of those carries. The Saints also do a good job of spreading their runs across the field, rushing the ball almost equally in every direction.

Rushing Offense

Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Up the Middle Right Guard Right Tackle Right End
Plays: 29 Plays: 25 Plays: 34 Plays: 28 Plays: 38 Plays: 34 Plays: 28
NFL Rank: 14 NFL Rank: 23 NFL Rank: 7 NFL Rank: 32 NFL Rank: 7 NFL Rank: 11 NFL Rank: 11
Avg Gain: 5.41 Avg Gain: 4.48 Avg Gain: 3.09 Avg Gain: 1.50 Avg Gain: 3.42 Avg Gain: 3.44 Avg Gain: 3.71
NFL Rank: 16 NFL Rank: 9 NFL Rank: 28 NFL Rank: 32 NFL Rank: 19 NFL Rank: 25 NFL Rank: 28