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Morning Update (7 Sacks Edition)

Derrick Thomas' record sack day

  • Kent Babb - "He’s a few minutes removed from going down an exhausting and depressing list of injured players, and then Edwards makes an almost seamless transition into a story. It’s a Gunther Cunningham story. These are always good."

  • Check out Herm's Q&A from yesterday.

  • The over/under on this weekend's game is 49. I'm thinking I'd take the under, unlike Adam at AA.

  • Yes, yes, yes - Remembering D.T.'s record day.

  • The Saints almost threw the ball 60 times last week.

  • Quick snapshot of the Saints:

    Team Stats - Game Averages

    Pts Yrds Pass Rush
    Off 27.0 403.1 (1st) 314.4 (1st) 88.8 (27th)
    Def 24.4 346.4 (24th) 237.3 (27th) 109.1 (19th)

There's not a lot of news to link to this morning so make sure you watch that video above. Seven ridiculous.