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Chiefs Injury Situation is Ridiculous



Bob Gretz breaks down just how ridiculous the Kansas City Chiefs injury situation has gotten in Week 11.

  • DE Brian Johnston is out with a calf injury. He’s a candidate for the Injured Reserve List.
  • DE Tamba Hali questionable with an ankle injury.
  • LB Derrick Johnson is out with his sore hamstring.
  • CB Pat Surtain is questionable with his quad injury.
  • LB Pat Thomas out with a hamstring injury.
  • RG Adrian Jones is out with a right ankle injury.
  • CB Brandon Flowers is questionable with a hamstring.
  • S DaJuan Morgan is questionable with a hamstring.
  • DE Turk McBride is questionable with a shoulder injury. He could also be a candidate for the IR list.
  • RB Jamaal Charles is questionable with his sprained ankle.

Undoubtedly, some of these guy's health will improve over the week and they'll take the field on Sunday. It's been a bad year to be a Chiefs quarterback, running back, linebacker or defensive end. And quite frankly, to see any improvement in the midst of all of these injuries adds to the hard work the Chiefs are doing during the week.