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Defensive Line or Offensive Line?

Around here we've beaten the offensive line to death with consistent (but deserved) criticism. Their inability to effectively protect the quarterback or consistently create running lanes for Larry Johnson has been a massive problem. It's handcuffed our team's ability to get anything going offensively.

However, the other side of the line has been just as big if not bigger of a failure in the Chiefs downfall. The defensive line, comprised of two 1st round picks, one 2nd round pick and a 3rd round pick (albeit all within the last 3 years) aren't getting to the quarterback nearly enough.

With a below average output from the defensive line, Herm Edwards had this to say, “At times we got there, but we didn’t sack him. If you hit the guy and disrupt the guy and he can’t throw it on time, that’s almost as good as a sack. If you can make the guy throw quick, you’ve got a chance.”

Ugh. You HAVE to get to the quarterback in this league. It's as crippling as not having the ability to make first downs through the air on offense.

Teams pass the ball now. A lot. It's performances like these that really do make me think Herm is instituting game plans that are simply out-dated. I mean I'm not blaming the guy. That's his style. It's just unfortunate his style is heading in the opposite direction the league is headed.

The KC Star and the FanPosts touched on this subject as well.

It's Game Time.

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