Herm Admits Pass Rush Horrible, KC Star Thinly Veils Its Contempt

It only took Herm Edwards five weeks to admit what's been readily apparent to the rest of the NFL for quite awhile.

The Chiefs' pass rush is the worst in the NFL.

The Chiefs have a putrid three sacks in five games; that's tied with Cincinnati for last in the NFL. Even worse, none of Kansas City's starting defensive linemen has a sack. Linebacker Derrick Johnson has two, and backup end Alfonso Boone has the other one.

This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone.  When your strong safety has as many tackles for loss (1) as the guy who's supposed to be your top pass-rusher you've got serious, serious problems.  Like the kind of problems that should cost coaches, coordinators and/or GMs their jobs if it continues for another five weeks. 

Fortunately for the Chiefs they have a bye this week to work on their deficiencies in practice.  Unfortunately for the Chiefs their opponents in Week 7 (the Titans) have only allowed two sacks all year and they're also on a bye next week.

It's an open question, though, as to who's got a more jaundiced opinion of Herm's promises to or the Kansas City Star

Edwards said the Chiefs might blitz more often and use Johnson and Demorrio Williams more often in pass rushing roles.

Read more about those plans, and the way that might backfire, in tomorrow's edition of The Star.

Right now I'm going to say the Star, only because Jason Whitlock's been trying to point out how bad the situation is much longer than I have.

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