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Real Solutions To The Kansas City Quarterback Problem

So, here's the deal. The feelings regarding our quarterback situation are mixed. However, I feel that a majority of folks are looking to make a change and then some of that group wants to make a change NOW.

I'm on record as saying there's nothing we can do to better the quarterback situation now.  Trade scenarios, while always an interesting discussion, almost never come to fruition.  There's a reason talented quarterbacks never hit the open market.

Below is a list of quarterbacks who are currently free agents.  Keeping this list in mind, I want to hear real solutions to the quarterback problem. Pretend as if trading is not an option (because realistically it's probably not).  Anyone can say 'Hey it's not working dump 'em all!'  But that's not the way it works. 

Tell us who you want and WHY.  The latter is key.  Would any of these players help us now?  Do we currently have the best options on staff?

Player Name Years Experience 2007 Team
Daunte Culpepper 9 Raiders
Bruce Gradkowski 2 Bucs
Tim Hasselbeck 6 Cardinals
Kelly Holcomb 11 Vikings
Jared Lorenzen 3 Giants
Jamie Martin 13 Saints
Craig Nall 6 Packers
Tim Rattay 8 Cardinals
Lester Ricard 1 Jaguars
Brian St. Pierre 7 Jets
Chris Weinke 8 49ers

It's Game Time.

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