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Morning Update (Halloween Edition)

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Yes! Punter Steve Weatherford's tackle last weekend is on YouTube! He's no Louie Aguiar...but who is?

  • Quick Buc injury update: Three starters (running back Warrick Dunn, safety Jermaine Phillips and guard Arron Sears) did not practice. One other (defensive tackle Jovan Haye) was limited in practice.

  • The Orlando Sentinal on RB Michael Bennett, DT Ryan Sims and DE Jimmy Wilkerson- " All three played for the Kansas City Chiefs. All three could be keys to victory Sunday." Um, no. They won't be keys to victory.

  • Nice to see that Nap Harris is going to be a starter in Minnesota again. How about that preseason hype, Vikings fans?

  • The Buc's official site talks about Glenn Dorsey.

  • I hope the Kansas City Chiefs running back situation never gets so bad that Kolby Smith is the full time starter.

  • I had to click this link and watch this video- Dwayne Bowe raps about a Chiefs win. No player has been more positive than Dwayne Bowe this season.

Enjoy reading these links and enjoy your Halloween. What's everyone got going on tonight? Costumes?