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Morning Update (Buc Week Edition)



  • First, head on over to the FanPost by JScott from Buc Em asking for your questions. Gotta admit it feels a bit weird to play the Bucs.

  • Where's Michael Bennett?

  • WR Mark Bradley is easily the #2 WR on the depth chart IMO.

  • Should be another entertaining game this weekend- Chiefs will again employ the spread offense against Tampa Bay.

  • I've got to admit Herm's press conferences are getting on my nerves. From yesterday's- "When you look at the Tampa offense, Coach Gruden has done a good job."

  • I can't blame KC Chiefs Fanatic for putting the Kansas City Chiefs at #30 in their power rankings this week.

  • The Chiefs problems summed up in a nice, short article.

  • Larry better get used to his cars being the only reason he's mentioned in the media- "We just finished Larry Johnson's '66 Lincoln Continental from the Kansas City Chiefs."

  • Possibly the ugliest hat I've ever seen.

  • Here is a pretty good breakdown at AA of what the Chiefs' QB options may be this off-season.

  • Does Daunte Culpepper even know what he wants?

It's Game Time.

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