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Morning Update (Larry goes to New York Edition)



Here are some links to check out this morning. Back in a bit, talking stats.

  • It's about time to start talking about the Bucs. SBN's Buc 'Em has the grades for last week's contest against the Cowboys.

  • Adam at AA breaks down what's happening in the once-proud AFC West.

  • Wow. The Bucs haven't traveled to Arrowhead in 22 years.

  • reports that Larry Johnson has left Kansas City to head to New York to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell today. That's not a bad conversation starter- What kind of suspension, if any, will Larry Johnson receive?

  • The Orlando Sentinel blog seems to be a pretty solid place to get your Bucs news this week as well.

  • Here is a touching video about Devard Darling and the brother he lost.

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