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What New York Jets Fans are Saying



Lots of good stuff over at The Jets Blog, which is a heck of a sports blog. You know why you should listen to their crew? They have press credentials to this weekend's game. Here's what they're thinking about this weekend's game.

On Tyler Thigpen...

This week they will have to get pressure on Thigpen and force him into making throws he does not feel comfortable doing so. If you let him sit in the pocket untouched, anything can happen – its football.

On Brett Favre getting back on track...

The Raiders game play calling was very conservative with most of his passes being within the 10 yard range. Many questions have arisen over the past week on what the issue may be. Some people feel Favre may be more banged up than we believe, or the fact that Coles/Cotchery dealt with injuries this past Sunday was the reason for the short passing game, or also that the play calling is just very conservative because they are afraid Favre will turn the ball over in opponents’ territory. Whatever the issue is, the NYJ must step up their game with the crucial part of their schedule coming up.

On the Kansas City Chiefs passing game...

I am sure the NYJ will assign Darrelle Revis to Dwayne Bowe as they do every week against the opponents’ top wide receiver. The match up on Gonzalez is once again going to be thwarted with a mix of linebackers and safeties. Losing LJ really hurts the KC offense because they are missing a true grinding, tough running back. Jamal Charles will start in his place; however if they can’t get him going look for Thigpen to try to force feed the ball to Bowe and Gonzalez. That can lead to plenty of turnovers.

On Herman Edwards...

This is the NFL – any time can be beat in any game. Herm is a great motivator, and I am sure his team will buy into whatever he preaches them this week. Wait hold on, Mr. Dick Curl how much time do we have left here? Don’t count out an old dog coming to his old playground to justify his coaching abilities.

Sounds like Jets fans have more confidence in Herm than Chief fans do. I'm busy this afternoon with other work so keep up the good work in the FanPosts and FanShots.

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