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Morning Update (Blogging in Zubaz Edition)


Unlike Chris Cooley, I photoshopped my penis out of the picture before posting this.

  • Whoops, we missed yesterday's signing of WR Nate Hughes to the practice squad. QB/WR/Whatever Marques Hagans was released to make room.

  • John from Gang Green Nation has a FanPost up asking for questions about the Jets. Head over the to participate.

  • When asked by the NY media if he had called veteran quarterback Vinny Testaverde yet, Herm Edwards said, "Not yet. He’s on my hotline, though."

  • I'm starting to get behind Tyler Thigpen, only because of the ridiculousness of the Kansas City Chiefs QB situation. Dwayne Bowe seems to like Thigpen - "He brings a lot of energy. He’s always ready to get the ball out of his hands. He's not willing to take a sack, and he’s likely to just take off."

  • I was just about to link to Jason Whitlock's solid editorial about Larry Johnson then he had to go and mention Jeff George at the end of it.

  • Bob Gretz has lots of advice for Larry Johnson.

  • This is a legit question: Do the Chiefs currently have the worst quarterback depth chart...of all-time?

  • Man, I still love this video (FYI music plays when you start it).

  • Herm as a college coach? Thoughts?

  • C.E. Wendler places the blame for Brodie Croyle's injury squarely on the shoulders of Herm Edwards.

  • Ooohh...the Real Clear Sports Scoop Counter pitting NFL writers and reporters head to head.

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