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Morning Update (Herm Goes Back to NY Edition)



  • "Favre, he is who he is, he’s a Hall of Fame quarterback." Sports are already filled with platitudes and our man Herm Edwards used one of my big pet peeve phrases yesterday in his press conference - he is who he is. There may be no other phrase with less meaning. But Jet fans are used to this. They probably even enjoy the Hermisms now that they've been away from them for so long.

  • Kent Babb - "Edwards looked tired at times during his weekly news conference Tuesday. He leaned on his elbows and spoke in a low voice, an uncharacteristic turn for the charismatic coach. The most exhausting part, perhaps: There are 10 weeks left."

  • Michael Ash - "I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: the Chiefs should invest in a quarterback guru during the offseason."

  • The Star-Ledger asked Herm about his final days as the coach of the New York Jets - "No one knows, and no one needs to know. There's always going to be rumors and speculation. Only two people know -- myself and Mr. Johnson. That's all that matters."

  • Both Bailey brothers on the Broncos will miss significant time with injuries.

  • Sarcasm in New Jersey - "Hey, does anybody have Vinny Testaverde's phone number?"

  • You know, I just don't feel bad about Rodney Harrison being done for the season. More at Bolts from the Blue.

  • Possible early release for Michael Vick. I laugh when I think about him playing for the Kansas City Chiefs but if Vick has to stay at a halfway house after getting out of prison, Arrowhead works for that too.

  • I'm so glad the Chiefs aren't in this conversation anymore.

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