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Don't Expect A New Kansas City Chiefs Starting Quarterback This Weekend

Herm Edwards said at today's press conference that it would take "at least a couple  of weeks" before a quarterback that isn't currently on the roster to come in and learn the system sufficiently to play.

As of now the situation stands at determining Damon Huard's health.  If he can't go then Tyler Thigpen would be the starter with Ingle Martin backing him up.  The third, or emergency quarterback, would presumably dress with the expectation that he wouldn't play.

Edwards also said he hopes to stabilize the quarterback position by the end of the year.

“I sure hope so. That’d be kind of fun to see a guy play two games in a row for us instead of the merry-go-round that we’re dealing with right now. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just the cards that have been dealt. I think the team has been handling it very well and the quarterbacks that have had to play have handled it well. It makes it hard, game planning every week when you have a different guy behind center.”

"It's no one's fault."  When things go wrong in a business environment it is always someone's fault.  Someone is always responsible.  Accountability is something that needs to happen.

Who, exactly, on this roster is going to stabilize the quarterback position?  Damon Huard obviously isn't the answer.  Tyler Thigpen should barely be trusted to hold the clipboard.  The fact that Thigpen is ahead of Ingle Martin on the depth chart doesn't bode well for either player.  Who is going to stabilize the position by year's end?

He was then asked whether or not the players believe in the scheme he has been employing.

“Yeah, I believe that. Just haven’t executed. And you can ask the players. They’ll tell you the truth.”

I'm not quite sure what his intentions are here but it sounds an awful lot like someone who is blaming solely the players for the unpreparedness of the team this season.

On Larry Johnson's availability this weekend:

“Right now, Larry will come to work tomorrow. The decision on that will take place when it has to be made. I don’t have to make the decision on who’s starting and who’s not starting. So that’s kind of where that’s at. Whatever I do, I think hopefully you know me by now, people know me by now, I’m going to do the right thing for the football team, and that’s where it stands with me. So that’s where we’re at."

I'm used to Herm talking a lot without really saying anything but from this I can gather that Larry Johnson will not be in uniform this weekend, whether that's a result of a decision made by the League or the team.

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