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Kansas City Chiefs In Full Media Meltdown Mode

I find it hard to believe that the Kansas City Chiefs have faced more scrutiny from the national media in my lifetime as they are now.  Being a relatively small midwest city, Kansas City isn't usually a focus for the MSM.  Then Tony Gonzalez asked to be traded.  And then the Larry Johnson allegations came to light.

Many say that they predicted the Chiefs fall in 2007.  The team was veteran laden, without viable talent on the offensive line and lacking any passing game.  And, oh yeah, that quarterback thing....

But somehow, someway we made it through.  The 2008 draft brought hope.  Tony Gonzalez was still in town and we knew what Larry Johnson could do at his peak.  Things weren't good but we could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Over the past six weeks it seems as if the fanbase, or the foundation of the organization if you will, was cracking.  The calls for Peterson's head began to increase.  All of Herm's negative attributes were being focused on.

What happened?

Our two most visible players, Gonzalez and Johnson, were thrust into the national spotlight.  No longer was he Tony Gonzalez, Kansas  City's home-grown hero.  He was a commodity.  A final piece to the puzzle for someone. Larry Johnson was accused of doing something that carries with it a barrage of criticism.  The facts haven't been reviewed but it doesn't matter.  That's the power an accusation like this has on someone in the media.

I constantly struggle with the national media's focus on the New York's and Boston's of the world, sometimes justifiably so but usually not.  I wanted the national media to see our team.  Now they have.  As a dysfunctional organization.

As they say, be careful what you wish for.

It's Game Time.

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