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Morning Update (Morning After Edition)

  • Get used to hearing this: Tickets are still available for the Titans-Chiefs game.
  • Jason Whitlock makes a convincing case against Carl Peterson's management style in the post-Marty days.
  • Anyone else find it strange that Herm said he hasn't nor plans to talk to Tony about this whole ordeal?  Talk about an elephant in the room.
  • Kent Babb looks at Herm Edwards demeanor in yesterday's press conference.  Are the cracks in the foundation becoming more visible?
  • Larry Johnson's accuser spoke about the early morning incident on February 24th.  LJ's lawyer, Kevin Regan, said, "Our evidence is 100 percent clear and certain that Larry Johnson did not put his hands on any woman that night."
  • It's all hindsight now, but Crane offered up a few interesting options regarding Tony in his latest over at Arrowhead Addict.
  • Bob Gretz on the Tony Gonzalez talk: "several teams were interested only if changes could be made to his contract, and only if Gonzalez would agree to play more than one season with his new club."

Well, we made it through Trade Deadline week.  For you stat geeks out there, we had one of our better runs yet.  In the last two days we've had over 16,000 visitors and over 30,000 page views.  Not too shabby while our fearless leader is gone (which he'll be back on Friday morning if I'm not mistaken).  Thanks again to ALL of you for your contributions!

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