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Tony Gonzalez: A Philadelphia Eagles Perspective



The Eagles have been mentioned in the possible destinations for Tony Gonzalez if a trade does indeed go down.  I shared a few e-mails with Jason from SBNation's Bleeding Green Nation to get a better idea of what the Eagles think of such a deal.

How much would the Eagles be willing to give up for Gonzalez?  It's been reported that the Bills offered a third round pick.  Could he have enough of an impact to make that much of a difference?  Would it be worth it just to keep him away from the Giants?

It's nearly impossible for me to speculate what if anything the Eagles would be willing to give up considering how close to the vest they play everything. I will say that the Eagles already have two first round picks next year as well as their second round pick. So with three picks in the first 2 rounds... it's makes sense to think they might see that rumored 3rd round pick as expendable.

I'd also say that keeping him away from the Giants would be nice...

L.J. Smith hasn't appeared to be a huge factor with the Eagles especially when you consider the number of times they pass.  Would the Eagles offense be expanded to include more looks for the tight end if Gonzalez were added? 

I would say there's pretty much no doubt about that. Bottom line is that McNabb loves to spread the ball around. He'll throw to anyone if they're open. That's why in any given game 6 or 7 different guys will catch a pass for the Eagles. Gonzo gets open a lot, so I would imagine McNabb would throw to him quite a bit.

Who else could the Eagles add to sweeten the deal?  Keep in mind the Chiefs biggest needs right now are a pass rushing DE and offensive line.

The Eagles do have a bunch of young pass rushing DEs, but honestly I highly doubt they'd be willing to include a player in the deal. Just from looking at their history, it's very rare for them to surrender anything other than picks in a deal like this.

Many thanks to Jason.  Check out Bleeding Green Nation to see if the Eagles fans clamoring for TG.

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