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Morning Update (Stick Figure Edition)

  • Arrowhead Addict gives us their first mock draft of the off-season. KC Chiefs Fanatic posts their draft picks, with the Chiefs picking #14 overall after a trade with the Bears. Tom Bahali also posted a mock draft here.

  • On the book about Reggie Bush and college scandal: "It doesn't look good."

  • Check out last weekend's wild card games in stick figure format. That must have taken so long, if only because each pane is an individual file.

  • Mike Martz was hired by the 49ers to run their offense.

  • Meet the women gladiators from where else, American Gladiators. You know. The new one.

  • A fantastic post from Jon at MVN about why the Chiefs should not put the franchise tag on Jared Allen. Lots of good salary cap info which Jon put in an easy to understand way.
Check out the new block to the right (if you're on the homepage) labeled Offensive Coordinator Updates. That link there will be the repository for all of the information about rumors, interviews and candidates for the Chiefs offensive coordinator search. Also, the comments will always be enabled so I'll need your help to keep it up to date too. Found some new information? Post a comment. I'll update the post after that with your link.

Enjoy the links. I'll be back in a bit.

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